Golden Age
Golden Age is one of several prominent periodicals serving
the metaphysical and post-New Age spiritual community in
Australia. A full-color periodical that covers a wide range of
current topics across the spectrum of personal psychic and spiritual
development and holistic health, it has begun to find an
international audience. Though retaining an Australian focus,
it is distributed in North America.
Each issue of the Golden Age is built around a set of feature
articles of interest to the post-New Age spiritual community.
Regular topics include astrology, psychic and spiritual realities,
the wisdom of ancient cultures, UFOs, and various health alternatives.
Descriptions of various development centers inform
readers of the range of options in the world of alternative spiritualities
in Australia. The Golden Age views itself as providing a
full range of perspectives on Truth. It sees its readership as
those who have chosen to take responsibility for their own spirituality
and progress. To those it attempts to offer inspiration
and upliftment.
While not designed as a networking magazine, the Golden
Age carries a wide range of advertisements from different organizations
and movements, from Spiritualist and theosophical
centers to the headquarters of various Eastern teachers. Numerous
psychic counselors, spiritual healers, and divinatory
readers offer their services through the magazine.
Golden Age is published by Merlin Publications, P.O. Box
146, Highbury, South Australia 5089.
Golden Age. Highbury, South Australia, n.d

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