Golden Dawn, Hermetic Order of the (1982)
The original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
(HOGD), founded in 1888, became the origin of magical activity
of the twentieth century. Though short-lived, it members
went on to found and lead groups that carried on its traditions.
The main body of documents generated by the order have been
published, beginnings with the several published by Aleister
Crowley in his magazine Equinox. In the 1930s, Israel Regardie
(1907–1985) oversaw the publication of the basic body of
the HOGD rituals. In the meantime, the primary thrust of ceremonial
magic continued through Crowley’s thelemic teachings.
In the 1970s, contemporaneous with the revival of Crowley’s
Ordo Templi Orientis, some magical students, including
Chris Monnastre, began to seek a revival of the HOGD and
turned to Regardie as a teacher in the tradition who was still
available. He took in a few students to train them in the belief
and practice of the HOGD. Then, in 1982, with Regardie’s
blessing, Monnastre resurrected the Golden Dawn and
founded the Osiris Khenti Amenti Temple. Simultaneously,
Regardie gave her several of his personal magical tools which
she gave to the new order. The order exists in two divisions, the
Golden Dawn and the Ordo Rosae Rubeae et Aureae.
Since the founding of the original temple, subsequent temples
have been formed. The order has also brought together individuals
and small groups possessing lineages and charters
from the various groups evolving from the original HOGD, including
the Stella Matutina and the Holy Order of the Golden
Dawn (founded by writer Arthur Edward Waite). These groups
have been brought together in the United Confederation of Independent
and Autonomous Temples.
The new HOGD, one of several efforts to revive the Golden
Dawn, has set itself against those revival groups that offer selfinitiations
or what are termed ‘‘astral’’ initiations. All ritual initiations
for this group will be done in the physical presence of
HOGD leaders.
The headquarters of the HOGD is at 270 N. Canon Dr., Ste.
1302, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Website http
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