Goodavage, Joseph F. (1925–1989)
Journalist and astrologer, born in Philadelphia on October
29, 1925. Goodavage served in the South Pacific during World
War II and was awarded both the Bronze Star and the Silver
Star. After the war he attended the Philadelphia Museum College
of Art, Temple University, and the University of Pittsburgh
(B.A., 1953). He began his journalistic career in 1954
with the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph and later worked for such papers
as the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the Chicago Tribune, and the
New York Times. Along the way Goodavage became interested
in astrology and joined the American Federation of Astrologers.
His first major writing in the field, Astrology The Space Age
Science, appeared in 1965. The next year that book was picked
up as the first title in the New American Library paperback
‘‘Mystic Arts Series.’’ It was followed by Write Your Own Horoscope
(1969), the Astrology Guide Almanac for 1970 and The Comet
Kohoutek (1974).
Goodavage also wrote two astrological columns for Saga
magazine and the Bell McClure syndicate. His significant production
of books through the 1970s slowed in the 1980s, but
he continued to write popular articles on astrology and related
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