Grant, Joan (Joan Marshall Kelsey)
Author of various fictional works dealing with reincarnation
that she claimed were partly biographical. Grant believed she
had inherited her mother’s psychic experiences, which allowed
Grant to sense from an object the experiences and feelings of
people who had handled it in the past. This turned her towards
writing books she claimed were part historical novels but ‘‘far
memories’’ of past times. In her first book, Winged Pharaoh
(1937), Grant describes the life and death of Sekeeta, a princess
of First Dynasty Egypt. In Return to Elysium (1947), she tells of
a Greek girl for the second century C.E. In her book Many Lifetimes
(1969), written in collaboration with her third husband,
Dr. Denys Kelsey, Grant describes claimed memories of former
existences revealed when she was hypnotized by her husband.
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