Greenwood, Joseph Albert (1906–1988)
Mathematician who worked in the field of parapsychology.
He was born September 18, 1906, at Breckenridge, Missouri,
and studied at the University of Missouri (B.A., 1927; M.A.,
1929; Ph.D., 1931).
He was an instructor and later an assistant professor of
mathematics at Duke University (1930–42). While there he
worked with J. B. Rhine, who recruited him to provide the statistical
work for his research on parapsychology. Greenwood
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Greenwood, Joseph Albert
emerged as a major spokesperson answering criticisms of the
statistical work being carried on at Duke, about which he wrote
a number of articles. After the war began in 1942, he left Duke
to serve in the United States Navy (1942–46). He spent his
postwar career working for the U.S. government. He became
a charter associate of the Parapsychological Association.
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