Greville, T(homas) N(all) E(den)
Mathematician who took part in statistical evaluation of experiments
on ESP. He was born December 27, 1910, in New
York City and studied at the University of the South in Sewanee,
Tennessee (B.A., 1930), and the University of Michigan
(M.A., 1932; Ph.D., 1933). After graduation Greville became an
instructor in mathematics at the University of Michigan
(1937–40) and then worked for the United States Bureau of the
Census during World War II (1940–46). After the war he spent
his career as a mathematician and statistician for various government
Greville compiled the United States Life Tables and Actuarial
Tables 1939–41 (1946), one of several books on statistics.
His parapsychological interest was largely in statistical evaluation
of ESP experiments, on which he wrote a number of papers.
He was a member of the Parapsychological Association
and served as statistical editor of the Journal of Parapsychology.
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