Ground Saucer Watch
A now-defunct organization, founded in 1957, that had a
membership of scientists, engineers, professionals, and educated
laymen interested in taking scientific action to resolve the
controversial elements in UFO reports. Its objectives were as
follows to provide an accessible outlet for all interested persons
who wish to report any aerial phenomena experiences
without fear of ridicule or undue publicity; to ‘‘edify a confused
media’’ with factual press releases, lectures, conferences, and
interviews; to research and evaluate all UFO cases to which scientific
criteria can be applied and analyzed with the use of specialized
talents and instrumentation; to continue to pursue
legal action against the federal government with lawsuits and
Freedom of Information Act requests for release of UFO materials;
and to bring forth workable hypotheses and theories of
UFO origin and reasons for their continuing surveillance.
The Ground Saucer Watch ceased when it ran into financial

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