Group Soul
A philosophical concept expounded in The Road to Immortality
(1932), a script purporting to be from the deceased and discarnate
F. W. H. Myers as channeled through British medium
Geraldine Cummins. The concept posits a number of souls
bound together by one spirit, acting and reacting upon one another
in the ascending scale of psychic evolution. There may be
contained within that spirit any number of souls, according to
‘‘It is different for each man. But what the Buddhists would
call the karma I had brought with me from a previous life is,
very frequently, not that of my life, but of the life of a soul that
preceded me by many years on earth and left for me the pattern
which made my life. I, too, wove a pattern for another of
my group during my earthly career. . . . I shall not live again
on earth, but a new soul, one who will join our group, will shortly
enter into the pattern or karma I have woven for him on
earth. . . . Here, in the After-death, we become more and more
aware of this group-soul as we make progress. Eventually
brethren . . . its spirit feeds, with life and mental light, certain
plants, trees, flowers, birds, insects, fish, beasts, men and
women; representatives of living creatures in varying stages of
evolution. It inspires souls who are on various planes, various
levels of consciousness in the After-death. It feeds also creatures
on other planets. For the spirit must gather a harvest of
experience in every form.’’
Cummins, Geraldine. The Road to Immortality. London Ivor
Nicholson & Watson, 1932.