Haines, Frederick H(enry) (1869–1944)
Prominent British Spiritualist, insurance broker, and author
of Chapters on Insurance History and The Insurance Business,
which were considered classics in their field. He was converted
to Spiritualism during World War I, and after careful investigations,
begun in a spirit of skepticism, he developed powers
of clairvoyance.
In the mid-1920s he began to receive by automatic writing
a large number of scripts that were later published, including
He Became Man, an inspirational script on the life of Christ. He
also published his autobiography, Nothing But the Truth The
Confessions of a Medium (1931). Haines contributed many articles
to British psychic journals and was in demand as a lecturer.
He founded the Watford Christian Spiritualist Fellowship and
edited a monthly periodical, Spiritual Vision. He died February
6, 1944.
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