Haining, Peter (1940– )
British novelist, writer on occult subjects, and anthologist of
horror stories. Born April 2, 1940, in Enfield, Middlesex, England,
Haining was educated in Buckhurst Hill, England. He
worked as a journalist and magazine writer (1957–63) and successively
as editor, senior editor, and editorial director of New
English Library (1963–72) in London. Since 1972 he has been
an editorial consultant, writer, and anthologist. He is a member
of the International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors,
Essayists and Novelists (PEN).
Haining’s family lived for many generations in Scotland, but
he now resides in the ‘‘witch county’’ of Essex, England. His research
into witchcraft and black magic resulted in a ritual curse
from a group of devil worshipers in London, but that did not
interfere with Haining’s literary success. He claims that one of
his ancestors was burned at the stake for possessing a ‘‘book of
spells,’’ and his publication The Warlock’s Book (1972) is said to
include materials based on records of this ancestor.
Haining’s investigation of a desecrated graveyard in Essex
led to his first book, Devil Worship in England (1964), coauthored
with A. V. Sellwood. Since that time he has written or
edited several titles annually. His early vampire anthology, The
Midnight People (1966), also known as Vampires at Midnight, has
been frequently reprinted. His work has covered the fields of
occultism, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Most memorable
among Haining’s almost 100 titles are Anatomy of Witchcraft
(1972), Ghosts An Illustrated History (1974), The Craft of Terror
Extracts from the Rare and Infamous Gothic ‘‘Horror’’ Novels (1966),
A Circle of Witches An Anthology of Victorian Witchcraft Stories
(1971), The Necromancers The Best of Black Magic and Witchcraft
(1971), The Hashish Club (1974), The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook
(1974), The Edgar Allen Poe Bedside Companion (1980), The Vampire
Terror (1981), and Shades of Dracula (1982). Haining edited
The Complete Ghost Stories of Charles Dickens (1982), Vampire!
(1984), The ‘‘Doctor Who’’ File (1986), Elvis in Private (1987), and
Supernatural Tales of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1987).
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