Hall, Trevor H(enry) (1910– )
Surveyor and noted British author of books on parapsychological
subjects. Hall was born May 28, 1910, at Wakefield,
England. He was a major in the British army during World War
II (1939–45), was senior partner of V. Walker and Son (chartered
surveyors) (1945–80), and became director of the Huddersfield
Building Society (1958–80).
Hall was a Perrott student in psychical research at Trinity
College, Cambridge (1954–56). He had special interest in conjuring
and compiled A Bibliography of Books on Conjuring in English
from 1580 to 1850 (1957). His expert knowledge of conjuring
was, in part, responsible for the skeptical attitude that
became evident as he began to write about physical mediums,
many of whom had been caught in fraud. In his early book The
Spiritualists (1964), Hall confirmed the belief of many that the
phenomena of famous medium Florence Cook were fraudulent
and suggested that she was having an affair with Sir William
His other books on psychical researchers were equally critical.
His book on Edmund Gurney (1964), for example, investigated
the claimed trickery of G. A. Smith and Douglas Blackburn,
whose second-sight act Gurney investigated. Hall’s book,
though, on the whole was sympathetic to Gurney. His book
Strange Things (1968) ruined the reputation of Ada GoodrichFreer
(known in psychical research literature as ‘‘Miss X’’), and
The Search for Harry Price (1977) effectively denigrates the character
and work of the famed psychical researcher.
Hall also contributed articles on the history of psychical research
to the International Journal of Parapsychology. He went on
to write several texts on ghosts. During the late 1960s an interest
in Sherlock Holmes (whose creator, Arthur Conan Doyle,
was a confirmed Spiritualist) emerged, and Hall wrote several
popular volumes, including Sherlock Holmes Ten Literary Studies
(1969), The Late Mr. Sherlock Holmes (1971), and Sherlock Holmes
and His Creator (1974).
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