Hallowed Grounds Fellowship of Spiritual
Healing and Prayer
The now-defunct Hallowed Grounds Fellowship of Spiritual
Healing and Prayer was a Spiritualist Center in Santa Barbara,
California, founded in 1961 by British medium Heroge Daisley.
An outstanding medium, Daisley traveled widely lecturing
and holding séances in the 1950s, during which time he accumulated
a large mailing list. After settling in Santa Barbara, his
new home became the base from which he traveled the continent
and to which he welcomed people who wished to utilize
his talents at contacting the spirit world. For many years he also
issued a quarterly journal, The Witness (1961–73).
Daisley taught a form of Christian Spiritualism, which emphasized
biblical teachings about the nature of the afterlife. He
believed that at death, the physical body was discarded and replaced
with a spiritual body. The soul then continued to exist
on several planes, each invisible to the physical eye. Mediums
and certain gifted individuals could contact and communicate
with the souls of the dead.