Hand, Robert S. (1942– )
Robert S. Hand, a contemporary astrologer, was born December
5, 1942, in Plainfield, New Jersey. He grew up in Orleans,
Massachusetts, a town on Cape Cod, and attended Brandeis
University. He graduated in 1965 (B.A., magna cum
laude). He later pursued post-graduate studies at the University
of California at Berkeley and at Princeton University.
Hand’s father had been an astrologer who had discovered
the usefulness of astrology in forecasting changes in the stock
market. Hand developed an interest in astrology during his
high school years and began his formal study in 1960. After
completing his college work, in 1972 he opened his practice as
an astrologer. The following year he assumed a position on the
board of the National Council for Geocosmic Research
(NCGR). He was named its director in 1974. In the succeeding
quarter of a century he became one of the most productive astrologers
in North America.
Through the 1970s Hand prepared a set of works on horoscope
interpretation Planets in Composite (1975), Planets in
Transit (1976), Planets in Youth (1977), and Horoscope Symbols
(1982). These have become standard reference volumes for astrologers
and translated into several languages. Hand also
wrote widely for various astrological periodicals. His larger
work concentrated on the scientific underpinnings of astrology
and, following his father’s lead, the prediction of financial and
economic cycles. For his work he received numerous honors including
the Regulus Award from the United Astrology Congress.
In the mid-1970s Hand became a pioneer in programming
computers to do the tedious work of calculating and drawing
horoscopes. His work led to the founding of Astro-Graphics
Services (now Astrolabe Software). Astro-Graphics was the first
company to produce horoscope-reading programs for microcomputers.
In 1984, Hand issued his first version of Nova, a refined
astrological calculation program that became the centerpiece
for the Nova System, a series of interlocking calculation
programs. Five years later Nova had transformed into AstroAnalyst
produced by Hand and Bill Meridian, currently a
program for determining the effect of astronomical cycles on
stock, bond and commodities prices.
In 1992 Hand became the center of an informal group dedicated
to procure, protect and publish translations of historical
Halomancy Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
astrological works and secondary source material. This effort
led to the establishing of the Archive for the Retrieval of Historical
Astrological Texts (ARHAT). Its Robert Hand Library currently
houses a growing collection of the original texts and
translations of over two dozen ancient and medieval astrologers.
Meanwhile, Hand has turned to some of the more neglected
historical and philosophical problems in astrology. He
has focused research on the methodologies and thought world
underpinning ancient astrology in an attempt to discover any
relevance for contemporary life. In 1990 he was named president
of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, a post
he held for nine years. He now resides on Cape Cod, where Astrolabe,
Inc (P. O. Box 1750, Brewster, MA 02631) is located,
and has an astrological practice. Website http
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