Hankey, Muriel W(inifred) Arnold
Prominent British researcher and organizer in the field of
psychical science. She was born May 17, 1895, in London. She
became secretary to J. Hewat McKenzie, founder of the British
College of Psychic Science, and for a period served as principal
and secretary of the college (1952–60). Over her long life
she investigated psychic phenomena and assisted in the training
of mediums in Britain. She cooperated with John F. Thomas
of Detroit, Michigan, by acting as a ‘‘proxy sitter’’ in experiments
over a period of 16 years. (A proxy sitter substitutes for
the individual seeking information from a medium in order to
eliminate the possibility of telepathy between the medium and
sitter.) Hankey died in April 1978.
Hankey, Muriel A. James Hewat McKenzie, Pioneer of Psychical
Research. London Aquarian Press, 1963.
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New York Helix Press, 1964.

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