Hansel, C(harles) E(dward) M(ark)
(1917– )
British lecturer in psychology who wrote many articles on
parapsychology. Hansel was born on October 12, 1917, at Bedford,
England. He attended Cambridge University (M.A.,
1950) and joined the faculty at the University of Manchester,
England, as a lecturer in psychology in 1949.
Hansel emerged as a leading critical voice in parapsychology.
Quite outspoken concerning psychical research in general,
he concluded from his study of its history that ‘‘the first forty
years of psychical research produced nothing that could be regarded
as scientific evidence for supernatural processes. It was
in the main, a history of fraud, imposture, and crass stupidity.’’
In 1966 he published his most important book in the field,
ESP A Scientific Evaluation (1966). He also wrote a number of
articles and participated in the Committee for the Scientific
Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
Hansel, C. E. M. ‘‘A Critical Analysis of the Pearce-Pratt Experiment.’’
Journal of Parapsychology (June 1961).
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———. ‘‘Experimental Evidence for Extrasensory Perception.’’
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Sir Cyril Burt.’’

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