Harary, Keith (1953– )
Parapsychologist, born February 9, 1953, best known as a
subject in parapsychological experiments in out-of-body experiences.
During the early 1970s, under the name Stuart Blue
Harary, he worked with the Psychical Research Foundation on
experiments during which he seemed to interact with a kitten
while out of his body. During these same years, he was research
consultant with the American Society for Psychical Research
(1970–71) and was a research consultant with the Foundation
for Research on the Nature of Man (1972). He graduated
magna cum laude from Duke University (B.A., 1975) and completed
his doctorate at the graduate school of the Union Institute
Since 1982, when he changed his name to Keith Harary, he
has had a dual role as a trained psychologist and a subject of
parapsychological research. Following graduation he became
a writer and lecturer on parapsychological topics. It has been
his hope to promote the practical applications of psi. In the
early 1980s he worked with Russell Targ and became known
for his predictions concerning silver futures for one of Targ’s
clients. In 1985 he cowrote The Mind Race with Targ. Through
the 1980s he worked to popularize parapsychology and to educate
people about their individual abilities to experience psychic
events of an uplifting and expansive nature. He believed
that if a ‘‘higher perceptual, communicative, and thinking capability
exists within us, then it cannot be consigned to the psychic
and paranormal. It must be understood within the context
of normal experience and achievable human potential and
considered within the emerging framework of mainstream science.’’
In this endeavor he wrote a series of popular texts with
Patricia Weintraub. He has written widely for parapsychological
journals as well as for more popular mass-circulation periodicals.
In 1984 he was chairman and organizer of the first national
‘‘Psychology of Extended Abilities’’ conference at the
Esalen Institute.
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