Hastings, Arthur Claude (1935– )
Assistant professor of speech and drama who has investigated
paranormal phenomena. Born May 23, 1935, at Neosho,
Missouri, Hastings studied at Tulane University (B.A., 1957)
and Northwestern University (M.A., 1958). In 1960 he became
a professor at the Department of Speech and Drama, University
of Nevada, and also taught at Stanford University and San
Jose State University. He is a member of the Parapsychological
Association. In 1960 he investigated poltergeist phenomena
in Gutenberg, Iowa, for the Parapsychology Laboratory at
Duke University. In the 1970s he became associated with the
Institute of Noetic Sciences and was a professor at the Institute
of Transpersonal Psychology. He is president of Hastings Associates
Consulting Services, Mountain View, California.
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