Healing Our World (Organization)
Organization devoted to linking groups and individuals all
over the world in contemplation and cultural celebration in
order to liberate love and healing energies. Healing Our World
(HOW) created ‘‘high games,’’ celebrations, and other positive
experiences that allow individuals to remember ‘‘the source,’’
love unconditionally, and connect with others.
Activities included ‘‘global healing events’’ (celebrating the
connectedness of all life); ‘‘resonating cores’’ (effective technologies
for bonding in small groups); a ‘‘love corps’’ (providing
opportunities for meaningful service to others); local celebrations
and events (celebrating the family and supporting one another);
and communication vehicles (a newsletter, computer
network, and speakers bureau).
Leaders of the organization affirmed, ‘‘We know that each
of us has a deep mission to experience wholeness and to heal
our world. We can best do this by accessing the Source within,
opening ourselves to unconditional love, and linking up with
other members of our Global Family, wherever they may be.’’
Last known address 540 University Ave., Ste. 225, Palo
Alto, CA 94301.

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