Hefferlin, Gladys
Along with her husband, promoter of a story of a mysterious
underground world culminating in an Antarctic kingdom
called Rainbow City, supposed to have been constructed two
and a half million years ago of plastic. It is warmed by hot
springs and has eluded discovery by polar explorers because it
is surrounded by ice walls 10,000 feet high, according to the
As distinct from the evil deros of the Shaver mystery, Rainbow
City and its subterranean world are said to be ruled by ‘‘the
Ancient Three,’’ originally from the planet Mars, who take a benevolent
interest in world politics and use their occult influence
on behalf of humanity.
Barton, Michael X. Rainbow City and The Inner Earth Story.
Los Angeles Futura Press, 1960. Reprint, Clarksburg, W. Va.
Saucerian Press, 1969.

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