Heliocentric Astrologers of North America
Practitioners of astrology in the twentieth century face a
common problem. Astrology is predicated on Earth as the center
of the solar system, when in fact the planets, including
Earth, revolve around the sun. Most astrologers have made
some adjustment for this fact, but a small number have been
working on a new astrological system based on the sun’s central
position in the solar system. Some of these astrologers, largely
from Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, came together in 1982 and
founded the Heliocentric Astrologers of North America.
The organization believed in promoting heliocentric astrology
and reestablishing lines of communication between astrologers
and members of the scientific community, especially astrophysicists
and astronomers. It also published a newsletter.
Last known address 4115 Echo Dr., West Bloomfield, MI