Henge of Keltria
The Henge of Keltria is a Druid organization founded in
1987 by Tony and Sable Taylor, who had developed their
Druid perspectives as members of ArnDraiocht Fein, the organization
founded by Archdruid Isaac Bonewits. Bonewits had
moved to develop a neo-Druidism that was not limited to Celtic
traditions. The Taylors disagreed and their new work emphasized
the Celtic ties with Druidic practice. The Taylors had first
learned of Druidism from their readings, but met Bonewits in
The Henge members revere Mother Earth and seek to preserve
and protect it. This reverence occurs within a context of
the worship of the Celtic deities, the honoring of ancestors, and
attunement with the spirits of nature. They practice Druidic
arts and magick as a means of spiritual development.
Members are organized into small groups called groves.
Within the larger framework of the Henge, they have a great
deal of autonomy in creating their own rituals and pursuing
their own magical work. Individuals progress in their work
through three degrees termed rings (an analogy developed
from tree rings). The three rings are named for the Birch, Yew,
and Oak. Within the highest ring there are three tiers termed
the Hawthorn, Rowan, and Mistletoe. Advancement is awarded
based upon time spent, knowledge attained, and service rendered
to the Henge (at either the local or national level). Both
men and women are accepted into leadership at all levels.
The Henge of Keltria is headquartered at P.O. Box 48369,
Minneapolis, MN 55448-0369, and its website is at http
www.keltria.org. The group publishes a periodical, Henge Happenings.
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