Herbert, Benson (1912–1991)
British psychical researcher and director of the Paraphysical
Laboratory, London. He joined the Society for Psychical
Research before World War II and with friends took part in séances
for mental and physical phenomena at his house in Chelsea,
London. It transpired that he had mediumistic talent himself,
and for a time he manifested a Chinese spirit entity with
healing powers.
Herbert founded the Paraphysical Laboratory in Wiltshire,
with his friend Manfred Cassirer as the honorary research officer.
The laboratory investigates paranormal phenomena of all
kinds but has specialized in physical phenomena. In addition
to conducting many original experiments, Herbert and Cassirer
traveled in eastern Europe for further investigations, becoming
founder members of the International Association for
Psychotronic Research in Prague. Herbert also visited Russia
and conducted important tests with the famous psychic Nina
He died April 21, 1991.

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