Hermetic Alchemical Order of QBLH
The Hermetic Alchemical Order of QBLH is a magical
order in the thelemic tradition initiated by Aleister Crowley
early in the twentieth century. The tradition (named for thelema,
the Greek word for will) emphasizes the role of the individual
in moving toward union with hisher higher self. It recognizes
the basic thelemic affirmation of individualism, ‘‘Every
man and woman is a Star.’’ The average person is considered
by the order as a veiled star, in a state of sleep. The individual
must awaken. To assist the process of awakening, the order
provides the wisdom of the Qabala (also spelled Kabbalah or
Qabalah), ceremonial magic, and esoteric psychology. It also
draws on Eastern teachings, especially Tantra.
To follow the path and become an awakened self requires
an act of will on the part of the individual. Once the individual
begins the path, members of the order begin to share the keys
of wisdom which were given to the three founders of the order
in the early 1960s. Individual members work alone in developing
their magical skills and report back to the other members.
The order confers no grades and extracts no dues.
In the 1970s, two order members, Frater Damon and Soror
Ishtaria, were among the first to receive the information developed
in England by Jim Lees, Jake Stratton-Kent, and Carol
Smith, which appeared to finally break the code needed for the
interpretation of The Book of the Law. The Book of the Law is the
holy book for thelemites that was received via channeling by
Aleister Crowley in 1904. Lees discovered a means of assigning
numerical values to the letters of the English alphabet that has
allowed a meaningful set of magical correlations to be derived
from The Book of the Law. These correlations and the system that
produced them are now known as the English Qabala, still developing
as an open-ended search of The Book of the Law. Soror
Ishtaria developed a computer program that is widely used by
people doing further research on the English Qabala.
The order maintains an extensive webpage through which
it invites people to contact it either with questions or seeking
information about membership. The page is located at http
The Hermetic Alchemical Order of QBLH. http
www.qblh.org. May 20, 2000.

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