Heyn, F(rans) A(driaan) (1910– )
Dutch professor of nuclear physics who studied telepathy.
Heyn was born November 2, 1910, at Delft, Netherlands, and
studied science at the University of Delft. In 1947 he joined the
faculty of the University of Delft, where he taught in the area
of nuclear physics and electrical engineering. He had a strong
interest in psychical research and became a charter member of
the Parapsychological Association. He was coauthor with S.
Mulchuyse of Vorderingen en Problemen van de Parapsychologie
(Progress and Problems in Parapsychology, 1950).
Pleasants, Helene, ed. Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology.
New York Helix Press, 1964.

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