Heywood, Rosalind (Hedley) (1895–1980)
Prominent British researcher in the field of psychical science.
She was born February 2, 1895, at Gibraltar, and she attended
London University. During World War I, as a nurse’s
aide, she had some initial and intense psychic experiences. She
would be given an ‘‘order’’ for unusual treatments for dying patients
that would lead to their recovery. She had several deathbed
visions and began to experience telepathic contact with a
man, Frank Heywood, whom she married during the war.
It was not until 1938 that Heywood joined the Society for
Psychical Research (SPR), but she was an active member for
the rest of her life, including a tenure on the council. She experimented
with Whateley Carington on ESP, and was also a
subject for physicians studying the effects of mescaline. She
contributed a number of articles to the Journal of the SPR, including
many memoirs of deceased members, but is most remembered
for her two books, The Sixth Sense (1959) and her autobiography,
The Infinite Hive (1964). She died June 27, 1980,
in England.
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