This term, normally applied to ancient Egyptian picture
writing, is also used for the symbolic illustrations in astrological
almanacs and for symbols produced by automatic and direct
writing through mediumship. Direct writing (i.e., messages
produced without contact between mediums and writing materials),
although sometimes produced at séances, has also occurred
during outbreaks of poltergeist phenomena, when the
poltergeist distributes messages throughout a house. For example,
in a disturbance in the house of Eliakim Phelps, in Stratford,
Connecticut (1850–51), hieroglyphs were found on the
walls and ceilings. The matter was investigated by Spiritualist
medium Andrew Jackson Davis, who claimed to recognize the
hieroglyphs as spiritual symbols. He interpreted them as
friendly messages from spiritual powers.
Capron, E. W. Modern Spiritualism Its Facts and Fanaticisms.
Boston B. Marsh; New York Patridge and Brittan, 1855.

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