Higginson, Gordon (1918–1993)
President of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) in
Britain for 23 years and one of the country’s leading mediums.
In Spiritualist circles he was popularly known as ‘‘Mr. Mediumship.’’
Higginson first sat in a Spiritualist circle with his mother at
age 3. He manifested mediumship at age 12. His mother,
Fanny Higginson, demonstrated clairvoyant mediumship for
some seventy years. At age 14, she had been told by the trance
medium Annie Brittain that she would become a medium, that
she would bear a son, and that mother and son would span two
lifetimes in the service of the Spiritualist Church. Gordon Higginson
took his first Spiritualist service at age 14 in Nantwich,
During World War II he served as a lance corporal and took
part in the Dunkirk landings. Although at that time the British
army did not recognize Spiritualism as a religion, Higginson
fought for such recognition.
He became president of the SNU in 1970 and came to be
its longest-serving president, holding that office for more than
23 years. He was a tireless worker in the cause to ‘‘put the spirit
back into Spiritualism.’’
Higginson died in January 1993 at age 74. His place as president
of the SNU was filled by Eric Hatton.