Hilarion, Master
One of the masters originally contacted by Helena Petrovna
Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society. According
to theosophical teachings, there exists a spiritual hierarchy
composed of individuals who have finished their round of
earthly reincarnations and have evolved to the spiritual planes,
from which they guide the affairs of humanity. Those members
of the hierarchy closest to humanity are the ‘‘lords of the seven
rays’’ (of the light spectrum). Each ray represents a particular
virtue, which the lord of that ray exemplifies.
Master Hilarion is the lord of the fifth ray and an exemplar
of science, or detailed knowledge. He influences scientists, and
those who identify with him are known for their ability at research
and scientific investigation. During the first decades of
the Theosophical Society he channeled The Voice of Silence
through Blavatsky and Light on the Path through Mabel Collins.
In a former life he is believed to have been Iamblichus, the
Neoplatonic philosopher. Today he supposedly inhabits a
Greek body but resides in Egypt. Blavatsky claimed to have first
met him in 1860 and said he helped her with some of her short
Francis A. LaDue and William H. Dower, cofounders of the
Temple (which grew out of the Syracuse, New York, Lodge of
the Theosophical Society), claimed Master Hilarion as the primary
member of the hierarchy with whom they were in contact.
In 1968 Rev. Wayne Taylor claimed that Master Hilarion had
guided him in the founding of the City of the Sun Foundation
in Columbus, New Mexico. Most recently, Maurice B. Cooke
has channeled a set of books allegedly from Master Hilarion.
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