Hills, Christopher (1926– )
New Age teacher and director of the University of the
Trees. Born in England, he left home at an early age and attended
a naval school, serving in World War II. By age 30, Hills
had become a businessman in the West Indies with an international
organization of ten companies, but in 1957 he became
concerned with psychic and spiritual life after his son was miraculously
healed through prayer. Hills retired from his business
practice and spent two years in India, studying yoga and
Hindu philosophy.
In 1960 he became honorary director of research at the Indian
Institute of Philosophy, Psychology and Psychical Research
and was elected president of the World Conference on
Scientific Yoga, attended by 800 yogis and 50 Western scientists.
In 1962 he formed the Commission for Research into the
Creative Faculties of Man, bringing together the work of scientists,
psychical researchers, philosophers, holy men, educationalists,
and politicians.
One aspect of this project was the formation in 1965, with
Professor Hiroshi Nakamura, of the International Union of
Leading Microbiologists, advising on production of edible
algae as a means of solving world food problems. During 1966
Hills founded the Centre House community in England, a free
fellowship for those interested in spiritual development, serving
a social and educational program aimed at ‘‘a conscious
evolution towards a society based on love and peace.’’ Training
was given in yoga, meditation, awareness, sensitivity development,
and related subjects. Hills left Centre House after a few
years and spent some time as a lecturer. Then in 1973 he established
the University of the Trees in Boulder Creek, California,
an institution offering a comprehensive program of New Age
teachings and granting degrees in consciousness research. The
university has also formed the Research Institute for Supersensonic
Healing Energies for practical research into subtle
energy therapeutics.
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