Hockley, Frederick (1809–1885)
British occultist who was a member of the Societas Rosicruciana
in Anglia. Hockley collected some important occult
texts, including a Rosicrucian manuscript belonging to Sigismond
Bacstrom, who was initiated into an occult society in
Mauritius in 1794. This text had a great influence on British occultism.
Hockley had some gift of crystal gazing and was a
close friend of Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie and other British Rosicrucians
and occultists of his period. He was a pupil of Francis
Barrett, author of The Magus (1801). Hockley died November
10, 1885.
Hockley, Frederick. The Rosicrucian Seer Magical Writings of
Frederick Hockley. Wellingborough, England Aquarian Press,
King, Francis. The Rites of Modern Occult Magic. New York
Macmillan, 1970.

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