Hoebens, Piet Hein (1948–1984)
Dutch journalist who wrote a number of skeptical reports on
parapsychological phenomena. He was a staff member of the
Amsterdam newspaper De Telegraaf for 13 years and served as
the Dutch representative on the Committee for the Scientific
Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
In spite of his skepticism about parapsychology, Hoebens
took a keen interest in the subject and was regarded as a fairminded
critic. In the early 1980s, he contributed to Zetetic Scholar
a valuable series of articles, ‘‘The Mystery Men From Holland,’’
concerning the phenomena claimed for Peter Hurkos,
Gerard Croiset, and Marinus Dykshoorn. Hoebens died in the
Netherlands, October 22, 1984.
Hoebens, Piet Hein. ‘‘The Mystery Men From Holland.’’
Zetetic Scholar 8 (July 1981); 9 (March 1982); 10 (December

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