Hohenlohe, Prince (1794–1849)
A priest and claimed miracle healer whose full title was Alexander
Leopold Franz Emmerick, Prince of HohenloheWaldenburg-Schillings-Furst.
He was born at Kupferzell, near
Waldenburg, now in Bavaria, on August 17, 1794. He was ordained
as a Catholic priest in 1815 and went to Rome, where
he entered the Society of the Fathers of the Sacred Heart.
Prince Hohenlohe gained a great reputation as a miraculous
healer at Bamberg and Munich and attracted large crowds.
Eventually the authorities intervened to prevent his healing
work. He traveled to Vienna and Hungary, becoming titular
bishop of Sardica in 1844. He died at Vöslau, near Vienna, November
17, 1849.
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