Holy Order of MANS
The Holy Order of MANS was an esoteric Christian group
that grew out of the vision of Fr. Earl W. Blighton, who in 1930
had experienced a divine revelation in which he was told to
work for the unity of science and Christian teachings. An electrical
engineer, he ruminated on the idea for several decades
before assuming the role of a clergyman and in 1960 called together
a small group of people who would become the core of
the new order. The group accepted the task of considering
what could be done for humanity and the world in light of the
2,000 years of dogmatism that had been inflicted upon them.
Out of their next years of discussions, the Holy Order of MANS
was formally incorporated in 1968.
The Holy Order combined Christian teachings with insights
from the Western esoteric tradition. The acronym MANS stood
for ‘‘Mysterion, Agape, Nous, Sophia,’’ Greek for mystery, love,
mind, and wisdom. It considered itself a Pauline Christian
group in that it adopted Paul’s work as its own. Its motto was
service to the creator through service to man. It considered the
Master Jesus as the master of the order.
The group was modeled on Roman Catholic orders, except
that both men and women were invited into membership. Prospective
members were accepted following a three-month novitiate.
They took their first vows and six months later they took
their second vows. These were considered vows for life, which
committed members to a list of humility, service, obedience,
purity, and poverty. Members worked in regular jobs and in addition
attend some 19 hours of class work. The money earned
was turned over to the order and the order assumed responsibility
for the members’ needs. Members donned clerical clothing
though only a few began training for the priesthood. An
Outer Order of Discipleship was created by those who wanted
to work with the group but felt unable to follow the full ordered
Fr. Blighton and the ruling Esoteric Council developed
their teachings out of the Hermetic teachings, beginning with
the foundational principle, ‘‘As above, so below,’’ the statement
of human correspondence with divine reality. The universe was
seen as a manifestation of the great creative mind. Each individual
built hisher own personal universe in the form of an atmosphere
that surrounded himher. This atmosphere is created
in the individual’s thinking and reacting, and serves as a
protector and projection of the individual. Becoming master of
their personal universe was a primary goal of members.
Order members believed that personal growth took place as
one came into attunement with the harmonious vibrations of
the universe. Attunement occurs primarily through meditation,
which also leads to psychic unfoldment. As one unfolds, it was
believed that heshe comes into contact with God, the golden
force, and can use that force for various self-determined ends.
The flow of the golden force was manifested in the active love.
Blighton established the Holy Order in San Francisco, California,
but it soon spread to cities across the United States and
into Canada and Europe. One center opened in Japan and
seminaries were established in Chicago, Illinois, and Boston,
Massachusetts. Blighton died in 1974 and left the leadership to
his wife, Ruth Blighton, and to Rt. Rev. Andrew Rossi, the steward
of the Esoteric Council. Rossi steadily pushed the order toHolonomics
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
ward Eastern Orthodoxy and its rich mystical tradition. In
1986, he led the order to merge into the Greek Orthodox Missionary
Diocese of Vasiloupolis, a small independent conservative
Orthodox jurisdiction. With that merger, the Holy Order
of MANS effectively ceased to exist as a separate organization.
While most of the members went into the Greek Church, not
all agreed with that action, including Ruth Blighton. Over the
next decade a number of former Holy Order members withdrew
and several moved to found new organizations based on
the former order beliefs and structures. These include the Science
of Man (the name under which the Holy Order originally
existed), now headed by Ruth Blighton, and the Gnostic Order
of Christ.
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