Holy Order of RaHoorKhuit (H.O.O.R.)
The Holy Order of RaHoorKhuit (H.O.O.R.) is an outer
magical order for teaching the thelemic magic as developed by
Aleister Crowley (1875–1947) and initially presented in The
Book of the Law, the brief volume channeled by Crowley in 1904.
Though only founded in 1991, H.O.O.R. had been conceived
as early as 1978. The order is headed by Ray Eales (b. 1958),
who took the lead in its establishment.
According to Thelema (derived from the Greek word for
will), each individual is a separate and unique person (a star)
whose task is to discover hisher True Will (or destiny). Once
having discovered their true course in life, individuals can do
no other than follow it. Magic is the great tool for initially discovering
and then realizing one’s True Will. The order teaches
a form of theurgy (magic) that it believes to be particularly effective
in discovering one’s True Will.
Thelema is antiauthoritarian. It places particular emphasis
upon the individual’s self discovery through listening to hisher
own internal wisdom. Magic empowers individuals to make
their own choices concerning both the direction that their life
will take and with whom they will associate.
H.O.O.R. is an open membership organization. Members
follow a graded initiatory system with progress measured by
one’s study of material and magical accomplishments. Members
may also participate in lodges located near to their residence.
The order is headquartered at Box 24691, Tampa, FL
33623. It may also be contacted through its website at http
hoor.org. HOOR is closely associated with the Abbey of Thelema
headed by Gregory von Seewald in Connecticut.
Preliminary Thoughts on H.O.O.R. Greenwich, Conn. Holy
Order of RaHoorKhuit, 1994.

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