Holy Rosicrucian Church
The Holy Rosicrucian Church was a small, short-lived Rosicrucian
group that functioned briefly early in the twentieth century
in the western United States. It was founded and headed
by a man known as Sergius Rosenkruz. The church taught a
method of liberation, the awakening of knowledge of unity with
the One. As a means to liberation, Rosenkruz advocated a series
of practices that included study, two daily baths, charitable
works, the avoidance of frivolous activities, and meditation.
The order was headquartered in Los Angeles. It was associated
with the Order of the Knights of the Golden Circle, which
offered a series of ceremonies aimed at preparing members for
either a favorable reincarnation or safety in the life beyond
death. The church is known primarily through one pamphlet,
Rosikrucinism, issued in 1915.