Holzer, Hans W. (1920– )
Popular writer on paranormal topics. Holzer was born on
January 26, 1920, in Vienna, Austria, and later attended Vienna
University, Columbia University, and the College of Applied
Science, London (M.A. and Ph.D.). In 1945 he became a freelance
writer. He was also a playwright and composer, a drama
critic for the London Weekly Sporting Review (1949–60), and a
television consultant. He was a member of the American Society
for Psychical Research, the Society for Psychical Research,
London, the British College for Psychic Science, the
Center for Paranormal Studies (executive vice president),
American Society for the Occult (research director), the Authors
Guild, and the Dramatists Guild, and was research director
of the New York Committee for the Investigation of Paranormal
Holzer wrote hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles
on psychic phenomena, the occult, and related subjects.
Through the 1970s he turned out numerous books on ghosts,
the occult, and psychical topics that reached a popular audience
despite continual complaints by reviewers and some people
that his work contained numerous errors. At his peak he
wrote three to four books a year. Several books in the 1970s
helped promote the spread of witchcraft and neopaganism. In
the early 1980s Holzer wrote two books that perpetuated the
Amityville hoax, The Secret of Amityville and The Amityville Curse.
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