Hooper, T. d’Aute (ca. 1910)
Extraordinary British medium of the early twentieth century.
Although a busy physician in Birmingham, England, Hooper
was also credited with a wide range of psychic phenomena,
physical and mental.
Hooper’s Indian control, ‘‘Segaske’’ (Rising Sun), produced
scents and apports. An Indian fakir demonstrated the fire test,
made articles appear and vanish in daylight, and spoke in Hindustani.
A deceased Chicago preacher, calling himself ‘‘Ajax,’’
and many other frequent spirit visitors produced direct voice
manifestations and psychic photography.
In the anonymously published Spirit Psychometry and Trance
Communications by Unseen Agencies through a Welsh Woman and
Dr. T. d’Aute Hooper (1914) the medium recorded important investigations
in psychometry.
Henslow, George. The Proofs of the Truths of Spiritualism. London
K. Paul, Trench, Trubner; New York E. P. Dutton, 1919.

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