Houghton, Georgina (d. 1887)
Nineteenth-century English private medium, author of Evenings
at Home in Spiritual Séance (1882) and Chronicles of the PhoHot
Cross Buns Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
tographs of Spiritual Beings and Phenomena Invisible to the Material
Eye (1882). Houghton never sat for research and knew nothing
of test conditions. Her mediumship, which developed after a
visit to Mary Marshall, appears to have consisted of automatic
drawing, other acts of automatism, minor telekinetic phenomena,
unconfirmed cases of levitation or floating above the
ground while apparently walking like anyone else, apports,
and the ability to see colored auras about the heads of others.
She claimed a band of 70 archangels as her guardian spirits
and implicitly believed and obeyed every subconscious impulse,
even to the extent of leaving it to the spirits to choose
the wallpapers and carpets in her house.
The spirit photographs in her book Chronicles of the Photographs
of Spiritual Beings were taken at the studio of Frederick
Hudson, the first in England to practice spirit photography,
but who was later exposed as a fraud. The pictures themselves—which
include spirit forms of Joan of Arc, the wife of
Manoah (mother of Samson), and St. John the Evangelist—are
for the most part obvious fakes but have a certain nineteenthcentury

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