Houghton, Michael (d. ca. 1956)
British poet and occultist, associate of Aleister Crowley.
Houghton was proprietor of the famous Atlantis Book Shop in
London, specializing in occultism, and also edited the journal
Occult Observer (1945–50), with contributions from leading occultists
of the period. Under the pseudonym Michael Juste,
Houghton published several volumes of poetry and a volume
he described as an occult biography, The White Brother (1927).
Juste, Michael [Michael Houghton]. Escape, and Other Verse.
Leeds, 1924.
———. Many Brightnesses, and Other Verse. London, 1954.
———. Shoot—and Be Damned. London, 1935.
———. The White Brother. London, 1927.

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