The secret knowledge of Hawaiian-priest sorcerers known as
kahunas, or keepers of the secret. This knowledge includes
healing, weather control, and mastery of fire walking on redhot
An important aspect of Huna miracles is the concept of
mana, a vitalistic force with close parallels to the Odic force of
Baron von Reichenbach, the animal magnetism of nineteenth-century
Europe, and the orgone energy of Wilhelm
Reich, as well as the kundalini of Hindu tradition.
According to Max Freedom Long, who studied Huna magic
in Hawaii, the kahunas recognize three entities of aka (bodies
of the human being) a low, middle, and higher self. The low
self generates mana through food and other vital processes and
is concerned with the physical body and the emotions. The
middle self is a reasoning entity, while the higher self transcends
memory and reason.
Long later established Huna Research. Serge King has
since founded a second Huna-based organization, Huna International,
an organization for research and teaching in the field
of Huna magic.
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