Hutin, Serge Roger Jean (1929– )
French author who wrote extensively on occult subjects. He
was born on April 2, 1929, in Paris, and he studied at the Sorbonne.
Hutin joined a variety of psychic and occult organizations,
including the Institut Métapsychique International,
Paris; the Association Francaise d’Etudes Métapsychiques,
Paris; the Jacob Boehme Society, New York; the Swedenborg
Institute, Basel; and the Rosicrucian Order.
He is most remembered for his work on the history of the
occult, especially alchemy, Freemasonry, and the Rosicrucians.
He also wrote a number of articles on parapsychological
topics, especially retrocognition and reincarnation. Many were
published in Revue Métapsychique.
Caron, M., and Serge Hutin. Les Alchimistes. 1959. Translated
as The Alchemists. New York Grove Press, 1961.
Hutin, Serge. Les Civilisations inconnues (Unknown Civilizations).
N.p., 1961.
———. Les Disciples anglais de Jacob Boehme. Paris; n.p., 1960.
———. Les Francs-Macons (The Freemasons). Paris Editions
du Seuil, 1960.
———. Histoire des Rose-Croix (History of the Rosicrucians).
Paris G. Nizet, 1955.
———. Histoire mondiale des sociétés secrétes (World History of
Secret Societies). N.p., 1959.
———. A History of Alchemy. New York Walker, 1963.
———. Voyages vers Ailleurs (Travels to Elsewhere). Paris Fayard,

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