Term used by professional artist Curtis Watkins to denote
his artwork done under hypnosis. He first began drawing
under hypnosis in 1971 while working at a commercial art studio
in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He had earlier learned selfhypnosis
as an aid to relaxation. After using self-hypnosis to
make the most of a short coffee break, Watkins was astonished
to find that he had made a drawing without conscious effort.
Since then Watkins has experimented widely in producing
art while under hypnosis. He found that this kind of art is quite
unlike his normal conscious production. He established a
Hypno-Art Research Center and Studio at 519 S. Michigan
Ave., Howell, Michigan 48843. Watkins’s experiments in
hypno-art make interesting comparison with the automatic
drawing and painting reportedly produced by Spiritualist mediums.