I AM America
I AM America is a publishing house founded to publish and
distribute the I AM America Map, a map showing a set of predicted
Earth changes that will affect the United States in the
near future, and related teaching materials. The map was received
in a series of channeled transmissions to Lori Toye, a
farmwife and mother of three children. In 1978 Toye had become
the student of the ascended masters in the tradition of
the ‘‘I AM’’ Religious Activity. In 1983, four beings she recognized
as ascended masters appeared to her in a dream and
showed her a map of North America that indicated places
where dramatic changes would be occurring.
Toye did not act on her dream but over the next years
shared the content with several friends. They all encouraged
her and in 1988 she began to meditate on the dream and the
prophecies associated with it. Eventually the four masters reappeared
and initiated some six months of channeling activity.
Within the messages was a detailed set of prophecies of coming
change. The prophecies were attached to a message of coming
catastrophes and the possibilities of choices that would lead to
new opportunities.
After receiving all of the material, Toye decided to sell her
home and with the money, have the map printed. It became
available in September of 1989. She then launched a lecture
tour through California and the Northwest. The following year
she met Lenard Toye, whom she eventually married. They established
I AM America.
The map and associated prophecies suggest that the coming
changes will be signaled by the arrival of a huge meteor that will
set off various faults and volcanoes around the Pacific Rim. A
series of steps will follow, including the melting of the Arctic
icecap and a shift in the Earth’s polar axis. Among the major
changes will be the inundation of the American West Coast,
Florida, and the Mississippi River Valley. Following the
change, five golden city vortexes will arise.
These changes were to begin occurring at the end of the
1990s, which obviously did not happen. Around 1996, Toye
and her husband began to back away from the literal interpretation
of the prophecies. They began to emphasize the message
of the map as an opportunity to exercise choice and bring in
the ultimate golden age that is to be focused in the five golden
city vortexes. They have noted that it is possible to begin to
build the golden age immediately without waiting for any Earth
changes. Each person can begin to act for the environment,
work on a project to improve hisher community, and initiate
efforts for self-improvement. Each person can also visit one of
the golden city vortexes and feel its very different energy level.
Meanwhile I AM America continues to distribute the map and
its associated products.
I AM America can be reached at P.O. Box 2511, Payson, AZ
85547. Its Internet site is at httpwww.iamamerica.com.
I AM America. httpwww.iamamerica.com. June 10, 2000.