Ica Stones
Among the important artifacts brought forth in the 1990s as
evidence of ancient contact between humans and extraterrestrials
are the so-called stones of Ica, Peru. The stones, carved
at some point in prehistorical (i.e., pre-Columbian) times, appear
to show humans fighting dinosaurs, complex medical operations
on the human body, and various long-extinct animal
The stones were first discovered by Dr. Javier Cabrera in
1966 when as a young physician residing in Ica, he was given
one of the stones as a gift. He became interested as he discerned
that the stone pictured a long-extinct fish. Over time he
discovered more of the stones, all carved from andesite, an extremely
hard stone rarely chosen for carvings. Over the next 25
years, Cabrera collected more that 15,000 of the stones, which
he now displays in a modest museum. In the process of collecting
the stones, he uncovered a cave in which many thousands
have been found.
Cabrera initially reached the conclusion that the stones had
been carved by local people to feed the tourist trade. However,
their number and the difficulty of working andesite soon led
him to question that idea. He was further convinced by the nature
of the images he found, which required some technical
knowledge of dinosaurs. He concluded that the stones were
real ancient artifacts, that they pictured events and objects seen
by those who carved them, and they suggest some rewriting of
ancient history.
Skeptical voices looking at the stones have suggested that
they are a hoax, at least in part, though the motivation for carving
so many of the stones for no apparent financial motive
(there are so many that they have little value) is not explained.
It has also been suggested that some of the stones may in fact
be old artifacts, but that the interpretation placed on them by
Cabrera is romantic fantasy. They also point out that there is
not other evidence of an ancient culture that could have carved
the stones. In the meantime, books and Internet sites showing
examples of the stones and arguing for their authenticity have
appeared. People interested in ancient mysteries have speculated
on the stones and tied them to other artifacts found in the
country and tied them to ancient astronauts or to Atlantis.
The museum established by Cabrera can be contacted at
Plaza de Armas, Bolivar No. 170, Ica, Peru.
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