Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary
The Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary is a suborder within
the Gnostic Order of Christ, an esoteric-Christian ordered
community founded in 1988. Both the Gnostic Order and the
Servants of Mary have attempted to recreate the life and structure
of the former Holy Order of MANS that had been
founded in 1968 by Fr. Paul Blighton. Fr. Blighton had a special
devotion to the Virgin Mary and in 1972 was inspired to
found the Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary. He drew together
those females within the Holy Order who felt a special
calling to devotion to and willingness to work with Mary in a
healing ministry. In the message that Blighton received to
found the suborder, his wife Ruth Blighton and Master Teacher
Marian Linda Carter, generally known as Master M within
the order, were to direct the training of the sisters.
Illusion Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
In 1986, the members of the Immaculate Heart Sisters of
Mary moved into the Greek Orthodox Missionary Archdiocese
of Vasiloupolis and were effectively dissolved. Two years later,
Jessica Catherine Burkhouse was moved to revive the Servants
of Mary as part of the newly established Gnostic Order of
Christ. On April 19, 1984, Sister Jessica was named a master
teacher within the Holy Order, and Master M conferred a special
Mantle of the Sisterhood on her. In June of 1988 Burkhouse
attended a ceremony led by Indian Spiritual teacher
Mata Amritanandamayi, during which a mantra was given to
her. The use of the mantra evoked the memory of the Mantle
of the Sisterhood. The sisterhood became a matter of meditation
over the next months during which time the Gnostic Order
of Christ was formally organized. Burkhouse also came into
contact with another Order master teacher, Mary Elizabeth
Hodges, who had had an apparition of the Virgin Mary.
Together Hodges and Burkhouse revived inspiration that
the sisterhood should be reestablished as the Immaculate
Heart Servants of Mary. The single word change was significant
as the new suborder was to be for both men and women and
open to all who felt a special devotion to Mary or had a calling
to a special work with Mary. Especially it is for those who have
a calling in the public sphere to work for the equal rights of
women and children.
Those who wish to associate with the Servants of Mary are
inducted with a special blessing ceremony and incorporate the
meditations developed by the former sisterhood into their daily
devotions. Hodges has also formed the Marian Order of Mary’s
Way, a group that is open to people who are not otherwise
members of the Gnostic Order. The Immaculate Heart Servants
of Mary may be contacted through the Gnostic Order of
Christ, P.O. Box 8660, San Jose, CA 95155-8660. It has a website
at httpwww.Gnostic.netihsm.
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