In Light Times
In Light Times is a post-New Age networking periodical published
in Las Vegas, Nevada, but serving Nevada, Arizona,
Southern California, and Utah. Published monthly, it is distributed
free at sites throughout its target area. In Light Times was
founded in 1989 and has steadily grown into a substantive magazine
that each month includes a selection of feature articles
that covers the whole spectrum of New Age concerns including
holistic health, channeling, spiritual development, prosperity
consciousness, meditation, global changes, and various transformative
practices. It has also been able to include articles by
andor interviews with many notables in the New Thought and
New Age community, recent issues including, for example,
Marianne Williamson, Lazaris (Jac Purcel), Alan Cohen, Danion
Brinkley, Deepak Chopra, and Raymond Moody.
Each issue also includes a variety of monthly columns including
book reviews, astrology, and the popular column by
New Thought teacher Louise Hay. An events calendar carries
notices of related events, especially in the Las Vegas Area. Like
many New Age network magazines, advertising is an important
feature and fills much of the content of each issue.
In Light Times has been one of the New Age periodicals to
make the jump to an electronic format. It offers potential readers
the option of an abridged e-mail copy of the magazine and
has an expansive Internet site that includes the favorite articles,
including editor Michelene K. Bell’s editorials, from past issues.
The magazine also sponsors occasional events in Las
Vegas and a weekly radio show on a local station. In spite of its
fame as a gamblingentertainment center, Las Vegas is also a
normal urban center with a large and active religious and metaphysically
oriented community.
In Light Times may be contacted at P.O. Box 35798, Las
Vegas, NV 89133. Its Internet site is at http
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