Infernal Court
Johan Weyer (1515–88) and other demonologists knowledgeable
in the lore of the infernal regions claimed to have discovered
there princes and high dignitaries, ministers, ambassadors,
and officers of state, whose names and occupations are
listed as precisely as in any earthly census. Satan is no longer
the sovereign of Hades but is leader of the opposition, the true
leader being Beelzebub.
According to Weyer, the demons number 7,405,926, commanded
by 72 princes. The anonymous author of Le Cabinet du
Roy de France (1581) amends these figures to 7,409,127 demons
and 79 princes.
Although demons are specifically named in many inspired
catalogs and invoked by sorcerers from their grimoires, there
is no real agreement on names and numbers, and in all these
fantastic works it is not difficult to see that they represent a distorted
reflection of social organization of the world of their
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