Inglis, Brian (1916–1993)
Irish author and journalist, an authority on alternative medicine
and paranormal topics. Inglis was born on July 31, 1916,
in Dublin. He attended Shrewsbury and Magdalene Colleges,
Oxford (B.A., honors) and Dublin University (Ph.D.). He
served in the Royal Air Force during World War II and afterward
became a journalist and author. He was editor of The Spectator
His original outlook on and mistrust of scientific dogma led
him to join the Society for Psychical Research in the early
1960s and make his own investigation into paranormal subjects.
He was a founding member of the K.I.B. Foundation,
with Arthur Koestler, formed to encourage and promote research
in fields presently outside scientific orthodoxies, such as
parapsychology and alternative medicine. (After the death of
Arthur Koestler, the organization was renamed The Koestler
Inglis wrote numerous books on Irish history, unorthodox
medicine, and the paranormal. He was also a consultant to the
serial publication The Unexplained.
Parapsychologist Scott Roge complained that Inglis had a
bad habit in his writing of suppressing negative information
about psychics and researchers he favored by failing to note
cases of fraud that were uncovered. Inglis died in 1993.
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