Inner Circle Kethra E’Da Foundation
A foundation established in 1945 by trance medium Mark
Probert. Probert was recognized as a medium by Meade Layne
of the Borderland Sciences Research Society, who helped assist
him in his development. Gradually a set of teachers
emerged who expressed the desire to use him as their means
of communicating with the world. The sessions at which these
spirit entities spoke were recorded, transcribed, and published
by the foundation.
Probert died in 1969, and since then the foundation has
preserved tape recordings of his trance lectures and circulated
copies of those that were published. As of 1992 there were three
centers associated with the foundation where people gathered
to listen to the Probert tapes. The foundation may be contacted
at P.O. Box 121722, San Diego, CA 92112.
Probert, Mark. Excerpts from the Mark Probert Séances 1950
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