Inner Light Foundation
Betty Bethards emerged as a popular psychic and teacher in
Northern California in the 1960s. Her message centered upon
the potential for each person to develop a conscious awareness
of God. Within each individual lie intuitive faculties which may
be awakened and utilized for bringing about a realization of
universal brotherhood. From this understanding she founded
the Inner Light Foundation in 1969. Starting small, it grew
through the era of the New Age Movement into one of the largest
associations of psychically oriented people on the American
West Coast during the 1980s. Bethards authored several books
and became a popular speaker at New Age events.
The foundation’s program is built upon Bethards’ belief
that individuals have three basic tools that allow them to actualize
their own inner potentials and utilize their own inner guidance
and insight. Thus she teaches people to become aware of
their dreams, adopt various visualizationmeditation techniques,
and use affirmation. These are brought together in a
powerful meditation technique that Bethards developed, the
use of which allows the practitioner to gain inner awareness and
a mystical consciousness and acquire different spiritual (psychic)
The foundation is centered in Petaluma, California (a San
Francisco suburb), after many years in Novato, but regularly
sponsors activities in various locations in both the San Francisco
Bay Area and Los Angeles. By the mid-1990s membership
in the foundation had reached above 10,000, most concentrated
in the American West. Copies of its periodical, Inner Light
Foundation Illuminations, may be secured from its headquarters
at Box 750265, Petaluma, CA 94975. The webpage may be
found at
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